Don’t Miss the Best Restaurants Near Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden


Whether you’re a sports fan heading to a Knicks game, a music lover catching a concert, or simply a tourist basking in the hustle and bustle of New York City, you’re bound to find yourself near Madison Square Garden. As you soak up the vibrant energy of the city, you’ll also discover an array of exceptional restaurants nearby. This metropolis is famed for its culinary variety, and the neighborhood around the Garden is no exception. Here, we’ll guide you through some of the best dining options within walking distance, each offering a unique taste of what NYC has to offer.

1.    The Landing

Just steps away from Madison Square Garden, nestled within the bustling Penn1 district, you’ll discover The Landing at Penn1. This gem is the perfect spot to indulge in a pre-game happy hour or a post-concert nightcap. Its inviting ambience, coupled with an impressive selection of beverages, makes it a prime choice for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast, a cocktail connoisseur, or a wine aficionado, The Landing’s extensive menu is sure to satisfy. Immerse yourself in the quintessential NYC experience as you toast to an unforgettable evening at The Landing.

2.    Burger & Lobster

The restaurant’s menu is created around two major projects that they know how to prepare perfectly all the time. These products include fresh Atlantic lobsters and prime Nebraskan beef burgers.

Its menu is also packed with very juicy beef burgers from their 10oz Original burgers that combine sea and land on just one burger. You may as well have a taste of London with the restaurant’s London Burger, and if you want a vegan-friendly and gluten-free burger, you can try Beyond Burger.

3.    Keens Steakhouse

The restaurant is just less than a 12-minute walk away from MSG. It is not just a restaurant. It is also among the oldest steakhouses in New York City, with a culinary experience suggestive of an old theater district.

The dining space consists of a wood-paneled maze that compliments classic American fare on the menu. Although you may feature on anything from Maine lobster to prime rib, the restaurant’s Mutton Chop is classic and legendary.

Aged lamb can set you back by $67, but gourmets often find this worthy. However, don’t allow the price tag to worry you about the dress code. Just keep it chic and casual – no official rules.

4.    BLT Places

If you wish for L’Amico, which is an advanced-pizza-and-casual-date area from Laurent Tourondel, then BLT is the perfect restaurant for you. Tourondel is well-known for starting Arlington Club and BLT places. His eyes are only for pizza and a little bit for enormous skirt steak, cocktails, and cappellatti.

5.    The Ainsworth

Prepare yourself for the world’s first mega gastropub. This is called – The Ainsworth and opens on Wednesday. It is a big restaurant with 40 flat-screen TVs, 6,000 sqft, wrought iron gates that divide three sections of this restaurant, and an antique pinewood bar backed by ornate black-gold wallpaper and antique mirrors.

The restaurant is best suited for a casual bout of happy hour. Just begin with several bourbons in the bar, and you would want to extend your stay for Pineapple Ribs and Miso Duck Spring Rolls.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re craving the comfort of a well-crafted burger, a mouthwatering lobster dish, a classic steak, or a slice of pizza perfected by renowned chefs, the area around Madison Square Garden delivers. Each of the eateries on our list guarantees a dining experience as memorable as the events at Madison Square Garden itself. No matter your culinary preferences, you’re sure to find a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds within this vibrant neighborhood. As you plan your visit to MSG, also plan your feast, because the dining options are too good to miss.