A Day on the Water: Embracing Aquatic Adventures and Nature

A Day on the Water


For those seeking both adventure and grandeur, aquatic escapes allow you to experience nature’s glory firsthand. Whether lazily paddling a kayak or navigating whitewater rapids, time spent on the water connects us to the natural world in profound ways.

Select the Right Waterway

With endless options for boating excursions, choosing the right body of water is key. Slow-moving rivers and smaller lakes tend to be beginner-friendly, while those craving an adrenaline rush should seek out churning whitewater. If stand-up paddle boarding is more your speed, protected harbors and bays provide steadier conditions.

Book Rentals in Advance

The seasonal rental experts at Canyon Sports tell us that once you have identified the perfect locale, secure rentals well beforehand. Busy areas like Salt Lake City see a high demand for stand-up paddleboards, rafts, and kayak rentals during peak season. Make reservations online or call rental shops directly to inquire about availability.

Provide accurate participant numbers and ages so outfitters can reserve the appropriate boat size and types. Ask about add-ons like paddles, life vests and dry bags for phones and valuables, too. Handling logistics ahead of time means you can launch right into the fun upon arrival.

Pack Provisions & Safety Gear

While on the water, you’ll want provisions to fuel paddling bodies and stay hydrated beneath the summer sun. Pack a cooler with sandwiches, trail mix, energy bars and plenty of water. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to protect against harmful UV rays.

Also prepare for emergencies by packing a dry bag first aid kit stocked with bandages, medications, and other medical essentials. Have a whistle on hand for signaling in case you become stranded or lost. Always wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket and attach whistles/lights for visibility. Do not take safety lightly when boating.

Study Route & Hazards in Advance

For navigating rivers and challenging whitewater, come prepared by studying your intended route beforehand. Get maps highlighting hazards like strainers, sieves, undercut rocks and difficult rapids. Know where potential portage points are located in case you need to exit and carry boats around sections you can’t run.

Respect Nature & Other Boaters

When exploring aquatic wonderlands, tread lightly and avoid disruptive behavior. Refrain from trampling fragile shoreline ecosystems or carving initials into trees. Keep noise levels low so as not to disturb wildlife or other people. Never litter – pack out everything you packed in.

Practice on-water etiquette as well by keeping appropriate distance from other boats and yielding right of way where needed. While appreciating natural splendor, don’t love it to death. Follow Leave No Trace principles to protect these special places.

Soak Up Natural Wonders

Amid the excitement of paddling or rowing, be sure to pause and soak up your spectacular natural surroundings. Spot hawks and herons scanning for fish from towering riverside perches. Search for river otters frolicking through marshy backwaters. When float tubing across a placid alpine lake, marvel at the rugged peaks reflected in its glassy surface.

Return Restored & Rejuvenated

A day spent immersed in nature’s aqua playground leaves you feeling refreshed, replenished and more connected to the elements. Paddling’s meditative rhythm washes away stress and anxiety accumulated from daily life on land. You return renewed and invigorated, once again able to appreciate the simple wonders that surround us.


The cleansing aromas of water and pine fill your lungs as muscles pleasantly ache and tranquility settles in your mind. These are the lasting impressions that linger after a rewarding day on the water. Where your next aquatic adventure will take you, only the river knows. Just don’t forget sunscreen.