If you spend a fairly good portion of your life in the air, it’s important to know how to have an excellent travel experience. Read on for a few nifty tricks that come in handy during flights and that you can thrive on.

While jet-setting across the globe or within the country may sound amazing to most, the constant back and forth can become mundane and boring. In fact, frequent flying is exhausting, a tad stressful and often leads to chronic jet lag. No worries! Here are a few smart strategies that can help make air travel easier.

Stay Healthy & Hydrated:

Long flights are dehydrating, and travellers can get parched quickly. Drinking a ton of water is imperative. Buy a big water bottle after going through security and keep taking small swigs from it throughout the journey.  Also, remember to pack healthy snacks like sandwiches, nuts, dried fruits, candy, granola bars or light salads to nibble when hunger strikes. This keeps you energetic and satiated when the food served by the airline is not appetising.

Pack Essentials First:

Comfort should be the top priority for you during travel.  To that end invest in a few essential items and accessories. These could be anything from stuff like wet tissues, hand sanitizers, an eye mask to grab a quick snooze, a large scarf for warmth, noise blocking earplugs, a portable charger for your gadgets to a neck pillow for the ultimate support on a long haul. Also, don’t forget to carry your in-flight entertainment. Download a few interesting movies onto your tablet to while away time.

Always Check-in Early:

Want to get the desired window seat? Make sure to arrive at least an hour before boarding your flight and check-in ahead of time.  Request the gate agent politely for a switch or an upgrade. Seats are known to open up when passengers cancel their flights at the last minute. It’s the common procedure of airlines to assign seats on a first come, first serve basis, and the early bird has a distinct advantage in this aspect.

Stay Near the Airport:

Accommodation near the airport makes more sense as frequent air travel is hectic and tends to drain energy levels.  The option is better in many ways. You can rest as your travel time is slashed considerably. Further, proximity to the airport helps save on cab fares. Not to mention, it brings a sense of calmness since you can side-step the pressure of traffic snarls and missing flights.

Sign up for Loyalty Rewards Program:

If you haven’t signed up for an airline loyalty programme, do so ASAP.  Airlines offer schemes wherein dedicated customers can enjoy incredible travel benefits. You can use reward points for getting better seats, discounts on flight tickets and free upgrades to the business class cabin. What’s more, you can gain entry into swanky airport lounges the world over. Given that loyalty rewards program is linked to credit cards and retail shopping, you can avail perks on dinners, car rentals, and purchases at your favourite stores. If you are a frequent flyer, you might as well get some lucrative benefits and offers for flying your preferred airline, right?

Well then, keep these simple tips in mind to ensure your frequent flying trips, whether domestic or overseas are seamless and enjoyable!

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