Top Places to Visit in Jamaica

Visit in Jamaica


Jamaica is a treasure trove of fantastic holiday experiences, natural jewels, reggae, and African vibes. Keep reading below if you’re wondering what to do in Montego Bay, where to find the best jungles for bird watching, hiking trails, or others.

We have compiled a quick guide on the top places to visit in Jamaica.

1. Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

If you’re set on exploring some of the densest forests of Jamaica, its expansive coffee plantations, and the greenest mountains or waterfalls, you won’t be disappointed. You could start experiencing everything on your bucket list by heading to Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park first.

This park is home to the most glorious waterfalls, rainforests, coffee plantations, and whatnot. This park has also gone down in history as where enslaved people escaped when seeking refuge. In addition to the fantastic natural beauty and history, you will also catch an impressive array of wildlife at this park.

This park is home to around 800 endemic plant species and 200 bird species alone, and a fascinating array of butterflies.

2. Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs

This beach is also famous for the Seven Mile Beach of Jamaica. You will find an endless stretch of the most beautiful silky white sand you’ve experienced right by the aqua sea. The Negril Cliffs sit in the background, an absolute scenic wonder.

Coconut palm trees line the fringe of resorts on the shore, adding irresistible tropical vibes to the atmosphere. The all-inclusive resorts and boutique properties are a bonus, ensuring tourists and vacationers would never make the wrong choice by picking Jamaica as a holiday destination.

There’s also no dearth of water activities, fishing, and snorkeling opportunities here. From magnificent sunsets to cliff-jumping, you will have some of the most thrilling moments of your life in this part of Jamaica.

3. Port Antonio

If you wish to pick a spot in Jamaica for your vacations where hawkers will not try to hound you with their souvenirs and other items, then Port Antonio is the place. This is where you can steal moments of tranquility, privacy, and rest while vacationing here.

Port Antonia is a relatively quiet village resort with some of the most idyllic mountains and harbors. Tourists describe this place as the ideal stage for tourists who love a peaceful quiet holiday with plenty of fishing opportunities.

You could fill up your days here with snorkeling, diving, rafting in the Rio Grande, swimming in the majestic blue lagoon, and lots more.

4. Rafting the Martha Brae River

If you ask couples around you who often head to Jamaica for their getaways, they’d tell you rafting opportunities here are what beckons them. At Martha Brae Rafter’s Village, you will raft through the most picturesque stretch you have ever seen, and that too on bamboo rafts.

Of course, you will have local guides to ensure you remain safe and guided throughout your rafting experiences. Besides, rafting is the best way to soak up the unparalleled tropical scenery that Jamaica is famous for.

You will never have a dull moment here, too, with the guides entertaining you with their reggae singing and exciting information about the fauna and flora.

5. Blue Hole, Ocho Rios

You will hear this place more popularly addressed as the Island Gully Falls or the Irie Blue Hole. It comprises a series of water holes in the gorgeous aqua shade, which the Ocho Rios Mountains cleverly conceal in their green covering.

Being a dense area, it is best to head here with a local guide to help you navigate accurately without getting lost. If you are the typical adventure-loving vacationer, you’ll lack no thrill when jumping off gigantic cliffs and waterfalls.

If you head up here in the warmer season, you can swim leisurely away in the cool pools below, a haven for nature lovers. However, whenever you’re headed here with plans of ascending the stunning waterfalls, be sure to carry light clothes and a pair of sturdy shoes.

The rocks here are incredibly slippery, and only those with a firm grip can manage successfully. While there will be local guides by your side, helping you climb up safely, it’s best to come prepared to reach the falls without a mishap.

Final Thoughts

Jamaica is a treasure chest of sunshine, tropical vibes, scenic natural beauty, and mesmerizing experiences. It’s also full of thrilling opportunities, with some of the steepest mountains, cliffs, and waterfalls to explore here.

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of places to visit and things to do in Jamaica, you’d make good headway by listing these in your itinerary on your next trip here