How You Can Find the Best Locations for a European River Cruise

Danube River Cruises


Traveling aboard a cruise is a great way to explore popular tourist destinations in-depth. These trips are expertly designed to deliver the best experience for all travelers, combining fine lodging with a host of fun activities that allow people to relax and unwind on their vacation. Guided tours are offered as part of most cruise trips and offer cruise-goers a chance to learn more about the history and culture of each destination and experience the best of the food, art, and entertainment that each location has in store.

European River Cruises are some of the best cruises on the planet, offering visitors a unique opportunity to travel along one of the many European rivers and see some of the most iconic cities and tourist attractions on the entire continent. Authentic Voyages offers some of the best cruises in Europe, with well-planned travel itineraries and expertly curated activities to make each trip a highly enjoyable experience for everyone.

European River Cruise Destinations

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents when it comes to exploration. The entire region is filled with stunning natural landscapes, beautiful historic monuments, architectural marvels, exquisite art pieces, and the best entertainment options in the world. Cities like Paris are at the forefront of global art and fashion industries, featuring beautiful landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum. Vienna is home to some of the most beautiful architectural pieces in the world, with buildings that date back centuries and are visited by tourists from around the globe.

European countries like Switzerland offer beautiful snow-capped mountains that can be admired for hours on end. Cities like Berlin, Germany, invite people to learn more about their rich history and culture while engaging in fun activities that cater to a wide range of age groups. There is no shortage of beautiful European locations to visit, and you can count on your cruise itinerary to take you to all the places that comprise the quintessential European experience.

Choosing the Best Locations

Multiple cruise itineraries are available based on cities, countries, cruise lines, rivers, etc. These itineraries come complete with every minute detail of the journey, which means that you will not have to worry about planning out your journey yourself. All you need to do is select the itinerary that suits you best, and you are good to go. Different itineraries have varying lengths, with the most popular itineraries being eight to ten days in duration.

Various European rivers like the Danube, Moselle, Douro, Rhine, Rhone, Main, Seine, Elbe, and more feature beautiful European locations that are ideal to explore on board a European River Cruise. You can choose from one of the three luxury cruise lines offered by Authentic Voyages, including the Viking, Uniworld, and Scenic River Cruise lines. Each cruise has its own set of itineraries, which can be viewed on their respective websites.


If you want to visit multiple beautiful European destinations in one trip, a European River Cruise might be for you. You can choose your travel itinerary based on city, country, river, cruise line, and more. Each cruise itinerary is an expertly designed collection of activities that are guaranteed to make your trip memorable.