Gulf Country Savannah One Of Australia’s Greatest Tours

Gulf Country Savannah One Of Australia's Greatest Tours


The Gulf Savanna is a popular tourist destination located in North Eastern Australian territory. It derives its fame from its natural treasures and timeless landscapes. It was initially occupied by indigenous people, cattle farmers, and gold prospectors, though it’s currently a hub of tourists from various parts of the world.

Some wonders you’re likely to see in this place include Australia’s youngest Gorge and the world’s longest lava tubes. You’ll also get to enjoy traditional Australian cuisines, hospitality, and the fascinating Savannah landscape. Those who visited Australia say that the Gulf Savannah is a 4WD-ing paradise.

Here are some things that make it one of Australia’s greatest tours:

1. The Great Barrier Reef And Cairns

You’ll likely start your Savannah Way safari from Cairns. If you want to experience the world’s largest reef system located in this region, it’s advisable to visit the numerous islands that dot the turquoise waters. If you border a ferry, you’ll take about forty-five minutes from Cairns to Fitzroy Island.

This island has a rainforest that stretches about 3km. It also has a climb that’ll offer you a 360-degree of the surrounding environment. After cooling off, you can watch the vibrant corals at the beach or visit the local turtles at the rehab center.

2. Ravenshoe

Ravenshoe is a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Cairns. Here, you’ll encounter stunning waterfalls amidst vibrant green rainforests. The waterfall circuit way will also take you to Ellinjaa, and MillaMilla falls. If you’re into swimming, you don’t want to forget to carry your costume because there’s an oasis below MillaMilla falls that you can wade in. Once you’re done with the day’s adventure, you can enjoy a classic meal at the Aussie pubs and hotels in Ravenshoe.

3. Wild Heritage Rainforest

The World Heritage rainforest is located in Undara. There’s a big fall within the rainforest that’s regarded as the broadest single-drop fall in Australia. A thirty-minute drive from this fall will take you to the Tully Gorge Lookout, where you can view the dense rainforest and steep rock walls.

The Undara Volcanic National Park is also a place you want to visit. Here, you’ll view and explore the best-preserved lava tubes on earth. There’s a lot of accommodation in Undara that ranges from Pioneers Hats, Swags Tent Village, and restored railway carriages.

4. Cobbold Gorge

Cobbold Gorge is located at the center of the Gulf Savannah area EireTrip. It may take you slightly over an hour to drive to this region from Forsayth. The Gorge is estimated to be about 1700 million years and has a rich geological history.

If you climb its 98-foot walls, you’ll view breathtaking scenery from every angle. It also has a rich cultural history and emerald waters where you can go boat hiking. Since international business travel is still off the agenda, there are few tourists in this place. When you’re not exploring its breathtaking scenery, you can make yourself comfortable in one of its cabins or camp under the stars.

Summing Up

Gulf County Savannah is one of Australia’s greatest tours because of its rich cultural history and natural wonders. Be prepared to experience a real adventure when you visit it.