Book Your UAE Visit Visa For A Budget-friendly Trip

A Budget-friendly Trip


Now is the time to schedule your visit visa to UAE and enjoy a low-cost vacation with your friends and family. Don’t miss out on the incredible low-cost experience that the UAE has to offer.

The UAE is situated between Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East’s hub, making it one of the best places in the world for travel. Once you’ve arrived in the UAE, there are a plethora of fascinating things to do and see on a shoestring budget.

So, get ready to apply for a UAE tourist visa and get your Dubai visit visa Extension!

Masdar City is an amazing option!

This quirky true treasure is probably one of the greatest free things to do in the UAE for tourists searching for more than a bite to eat. Masdar City was designed to be the world’s first carbon-free city. It contains a solar-powered parking area for solar cars, a wind tunnel to keep the little walled city cool, and even a university. It didn’t achieve its objective of being a zero-carbon city. Still, it is nevertheless one of the world’s most ecological urban communities with companies, schools, eateries, and permanent houses, although it sometimes feels like a ghost town. Masdar City is a must-see on your UAE affordable trip if you’re fascinated with green technologies and sustainability.

Visit the Grand Mosque.

The Grand Mosque is a must-see for any budget traveler to the UAE. The Grand Mosque, formally known as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, is the UAE’s largest mosque and the world’s 21st largest mosque. You’ll feel as if you’ve walked into the land of Alladin, Jasmine, and flying carpets, with its beautiful tiles and soaring towers. The mosque is free to enter, but you must dress suitably. Women will receive a free abaya with a headscarf to wear during their visit, while men must wear slacks and sleeves.

Fun things that charge less money!

This is on almost everyone’s list of stuff to do in the UAE, but that’s because it’s so different. In the Dubai Mall, there is an indoor ski slope called Ski Dubai. Although day admissions to the snow park are pricey, spectators can still enjoy the slopes for free. The mall has a large glass wall where you can sit, and watch kids hurl snowballs and skiers speed down the slopes. The Dubai Fountains, like Ski Dubai, appear in practically every UAE budget travel book. Shows run every 30 minutes from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., with a few exceptions, and it’s marketed as the world’s biggest performing fountain because the UAE does everything big.

UAE also offers budget-friendly shopping!

Whether we are on a budget-friendly tour to the most costly city or not, we must go shopping. A visit to the souqs is a necessity for anybody who enjoys shopping and bargaining. There are gold souks, spice souks, perfume souks, textile souks, and other types of souqs here. Deira is home to gold, spice, and perfume souks. You may reach this location by taking an abra ride across Dubai Creek. This will just set you back 1AED. This is a very easy method to shop as well as a fantastic opportunity to see the sights in the neighborhood.

If you want scarves, lights, artwork, or any other mementos to remember your trip to Dubai, go to the Gold and Spice souks in Deira rather than the pricey Souk Madinat Jumeirah or Dubai Mall.

Things to remember to stay on budget.

When traveling on a budget, the timing of your trip is equally important to consider. You should avoid visiting Dubai during peak tourist season since travel agencies will boost their prices to maximize profit. The greatest time to visit Dubai on a budget is during the hot summer months and Ramadan. Because there are fewer tourists this season, hotels, airlines, and restaurants offer discounted rates to travelers.

Taxis in Dubai are usually less expensive than in other regions of the world. However, it is clearly not the most cost-effective mode of transportation in the city. Dubai’s public transportation system is in excellent condition. As a budget traveler, you should consider this mode of transportation because it is readily available. If you plan on taking public transportation in Dubai, you must obtain a red or silver RTA NOL. Silver card is the superior long-term alternative because it can be used on any public transportation service in Dubai, from RTA buses to metros, trams, and even water taxis.


So, if you’re looking to travel to the UAE on a budget, here’s all you need to know. You can now visit Exposvisa and get your UAE visit visa booked. For further updates and details about UAE visa prices or visa extension in UAE, contact us through Email or WhatsApp.