Where to stay in Paris and in which area to book my hotel?

stay in Paris and in which area to book my hotel


Paris, its lights, its great restaurants, and its magnificent monuments have always made you dream? If you do not yet know the little secrets of the city, and you plan to settle down soon, here is a small summary of the different neighborhoods and their characteristics that will help find the neighborhood that suits you best.


The Latin Quarter: the historic charm of the student district

On the left bank, facing Notre Dame, is the Latin Quarter, which radiates with its beauty, history and culture. It is a student district where life is good, where the Parisian stress does not really affect because the streets and monuments are very many inspire calm and grace. Evidence of a rich past is present in the open, as evidenced by the arena of Lutetia, or the ancient walls of Lutetia still visible in the street Lacpede. The Sorbonne, emblematic university of France created in the Middle Ages and the grandes écoles of commerce, welcome students from all over the world and professors who contribute strongly to the warm atmosphere of the district. Libraries, small shops and restaurants are very cheap and will allow you to eat and go out easily without breaking the bank. Rue Mouffetard, pretty paved street that connects the Gobelins to the Pantheon, hosts a very nice market where it is good to stroll on Sunday morning before offering a visit to Notre Dame, the Luxembourg Garden, the Jardin des Plantes, or at the Institute of the Arab World. If you are looking for a little more frenzy, go for a walk on the side of Boulevard Saint Michel: there are books, movies, and vinyls of all kinds in the many cultural shops. If you are a fan of the art world, you will not be able to fall, because the Latin Quarter is home to a multitude of independent cinemas and projects many retrospectives that cities around the world envy us.

Finally, the Latin Quarter is the ideal base in Paris, whether with family, friends, or lovers, everyone will find his account and can enjoy a beautiful setting in everyday life.

Strong points:

A magical setting, monuments everywhere, a soft and warm atmosphere both quiet and festive. It is the dream district for a Parisian stay. The hotels are very numerous, and the restaurants and bars are not overpriced as is the case in the Marais for example.

Weak points:

Few weak points, if not the large number of tourists during the summer, and the rather noisy frenzy of Boulevard Saint Michel and Place Saint-Michel.

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